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We created the Dentistry For Nervous Patients website specifically for people who are fearful of seeing a dentist. Dr Frances has been working with nervous patients for over 15 years. She designs treatment programs specifically for anxious dental patients. She has devoted a large part of her dental career to the study and understanding of Dental Anxiety, adopting new approaches to dealing with your issues and concerns.
“I Have Experienced No Pain During Treatment”
I struggled to find a practice with which I was satisfied for several years but Tavistock Dental (Now Dental Smiles London) has proved very satisfactory. The dentist and hygienists I have seen have been friendly and competent and I have experienced no pain during treatment. I would recommend the practice wholeheartedly. S.K

Introducing Dentistry For Nervous Patients From Tavistock Dental And Dental Smiles London With Dr Frances.

A trip to the dentist can cause anxiety for many people. If you feel nervous about any aspect of your visit to see us, be assured that the team here are trained to help make your visit as stress free as possible. Nervous patients are often labelled as having dental phobia. This is a valid condition and can be treated with a slightly modified approach to the provision of dental care.

Many of these people are so fearful about coming in that the health of their mouth suffers as a result. People who avoid the dentist are more likely to have problems with their gums and be more prone to infection and gum disease.

It is important to see a dentist regularly so that if issues with your mouth do arise they can be treated swiftly and can prevent the damage done to your smile becoming irreversible.

The good news is that with advances in dentistry there is now no need for you to be in pain whilst at the dentist!

Don’t Take Our Word For It, See What Our Patients Say About Us…

Great experience. I was a very nervous patient, suffering from PTSD and can be easily triggered. I had avoided going to the dentist for years. After a compassionate consultation with Frances and the care and support of the lovely receptionist team I went forward with treatment and I am so glad I more
Georgina Fallows
Georgina F.
Jo and Miriana on the reception team are so lovely and treated me with such kindness as soon as I arrived. This soothed my nerves as I was pretty anxious and scared.I realised quickly I had no reason to be as Dr Frances was such a reassuring presence , non judgmental and SO different to other dentists I’ve encountered. Kristina, the lovely nurse was brilliant - even holding my hand during injections!I was particularly worried of judgment after not visiting the dentist for years due to a phobia grown out of past eating disorders but there was no air of that - I received only calm and solid understanding.They also made sure I had headphones in order to listen to music/ podcasts during any procedures which helps a lot!I really would advise nervous patients to visit. It’s worth it. I bet the vibe is totally different to other dentists you’ve more
aimee wood
aimee W.
I've found the service here great. It's not cheap, but the location and practice are very well equipped, and I've been seen to very promptly at appointment time (so I can quite safely have an appointment in the middle of the day even if I need to go back to work later on).Jo and Miriana who work the reception were very friendly and efficient, and Catalina and Dr Jas who worked on my treatment were professional and very clear in their explanations of what was going on and what needed to be more
Jeremy Kong
Jeremy K.
Initial call with girls from reception, talked me through my fears and worries.Made a appointment to see Dr Francis, had scans and a consultation, i was put at ease through the whole process.Today I had two extractions and a deep clean with Dr Francis, she was so gentle and kind, I didn't have sedation and didn't feel any pain whilst being numbed and having my treatment. At every point I was made to feel in control.Due to the caring nature and understanding of all the staff here my dental anxiety and fears are no longer after over 8 years of avoiding the dentist.I would 100% recommend everyone at the surgery from reception to dentist, especially if you are a nervous person.I would like to thank everyone 🙏Sarahread more
Sarah Martin
Sarah M.
Lovely people, friendly and welcoming reception, with a first class Dentist in Dr Akhil.Could not speak more highly of this fantastic practice. 5/5.
Sol Saihati
Sol S.
Excellent dental care from start to finish. Very efficient booking system and communication couldn`t be better. The dentistry itself is first class and happy to say its been delivered pain free and with a smile! Dr Patel and Dr Chowdry have explained everything to me in a very reassuring way as the treatments have been carries out. Oh and Jo on reception is the best!read more
Asterix Chris
Asterix C.
I've always had a fear of dentists and avoided going for years. An urgent issue led me to discover Tavistock Dental and I've never had such a positive experience! Warm and welcoming team, great dentist (Akhil Patel) and no pushing of pricey products. This is private dentistry but costs are surprisingly reasonable and for me it was so worth it. I even enjoyed the visit to the hygienist, Shazia! I highly recommend Tavistock Dental for everyone, especially if you are feeling anxious - you will be well looked after. To mention a few, huge thanks to reception Mirjana and Jo and nurse Krisztina 🙂read more
I have been a patient here(all be it the practice under a different name) for 50 years. The last two visits were the best ever. Everybody from receptionist to dentist is so friendly and extremely professional. Today I had 4 fillings and was kept informed by the dentist throughout the whole process. So calm was it that I had to do everything from falling asleep at the dentist chair. I can honestly say a pleasant experience having treatment. I would certainly recommend Tavistock to everybody. Well done. John Muraszczuk travelling up from Godalming in Surrey to have treatment doneread more
John Muraszczuk
John M.
I had a great experience at Tavistock dental! From arriving through to treatment and then post treatment, the staff team has made me feel so welcome and lovely to interact with.It was my first time removing both my bottom wisdom teeth. Dr Samir made me feel at ease explaining the procedure. The work done was amazing and the staff made me feel so comfortable throughout the treatment.I really recommend Tavistock Dental, especially if you are a nervous person going to the dentist, it will be a calming and welcoming experience!read more
Tanya Tan
Tanya T.
A nervous mum of a teenage daughter for extraction of a complex case of her wisdom teeth.A very friendly & professional Jo at reception put me at ease before booking an appointment with the clinic, during & after my daughter’s treatment. The after care is great, Jo followed up with a phone call to remind my daughter of what she needs to do after the extraction.Dr Samir Habib is an excellent more
Sokquin Preece
Sokquin P.
Staff is super supportive and very friendly. Jo was very welcoming and accommodating upon us entering the clinic. Wisdom tooth removal was very quick and efficient. The nurse held my hand during the procedure which was very sweet. Overall brilliant experience, thank you!!
Cordelia Abigail
Cordelia A.
After experiencing pain from my lower wisdom teeth i was referred to Tavistock Dental to get an extraction. Upon arrival the receptionist was very welcoming and helpful as i was really nervous. She assured me that everything was fine and the procedure will only take a few minutes. During my surgery, Dr Samir and the nurse were very supportive and kind, the procedure took less than 10 minutes and i didn't feel anything from the numbing shot! Thank you to the team for taking well care of me and making me feel confident going into the surgery! So far the recovering is going great and i'm not experiencing any pain. Although the cost is expensive i believe it was worth it as it's only day 1 and i'm feeling fine👍🏻read more
Nujoud Imam
Nujoud I.
Nothing triggers my anxiety more than a trip to the dentist, so after I had to have a tooth extracted I was seriously considering leaving it be (last molar so not a noticeable gap). So glad I had it fixed instead! - took a long while but it was definitely worth it. Dr Arj went through all the options, explaining in detail pro and cons, and helped me made an informed choice. He was very patient and calm, and very friendly as averyone else at the practice. Not once he rushed me or belittled my fear of dentists, always putting me at ease.The whole process was not cheap, but we're only given one set of teeth, so I would rather spend a bit more to keep them in good shape than saving a few hundreds and risking a botched job that would then take thousands to fix.Massive thanks to Nikki and the whole reception staff for their help with booking and moving around appointments (and calming me down when I almost chickened out of my implant procedure), to Elena, for (quite literally) holding my hand throughout the whole process and of course to dr Arj for his brilliant more
Giulia B
Giulia B
The best experience I have ever had at the Dentist, and I am looking forward to seeing them again - truly words I never thought I would say!! I suffer from extreme dental phobia and since breaking a tooth 7 years ago, I have lived in dread of the day I would finally need to get it sorted. I attempted to get treatment at a different Dentist 4 years ago but had to leave the first consultation halfway through in the midst of tears and an panic attack.Finding Tavistock Dental was a miracle, from the first phone calls with Jo and Miriana, to first visit, the whole team could not be more welcoming, friendly, kind and patient with me - I immediately realised I had found somewhere very special. The clinic is easy to get to, has a lovely vibe and none of the overpowering medical smell that usually makes my anxiety go up even higher! The fee structure is transparent, well-explained and very reasonable for the wonderful level of service provided.Dr Frances Carling-Thom is exceptional with nervous patients, it felt so different to other visits to the Dentist and I appreciated her unique approach, kindness and flexibility in making sure I felt as comfortable as possible. I chose to then have my treatment under sedation, and the whole process was managed so professionally and smoothly. I felt so safe in the kind hands of Dr Frances and dental nurse Kristina, and to wake up after a nap to discover all my treatment was finished is just the most incredible feeling.I would not hesitate to recommend Tavistock Dental to anyone, especially those frantically searching for a Dentist who will understand their more
Claire Doran
Claire D.
I had treatment with both Dr Adna the root canal specialist which was pain free and also with Dr Akhil and I have been really happy with service I would recommend them!
Graham R
Graham R
I went here to have all my wisdom teeth extracted. The ladies at the reception were kind and helpful. For my procedure, I opted for sedation and so I don't remember anything! The surgeon - Samir and the team were efficient and it was over very quickly.. now I don't have to worry about this ever again! Recommended 🙂read more
Mike W
Mike W
Tl;dr: friendly staff, skilled specialists.I had two wisdom tooth taken out by Samir, in two separate appointments. Both removals were quick, painless, and overall much smoother than I expected. They also both healed well with no problems.Furthermore, when I was worried that something might be wrong after the removals (it happened twice: with the first one, I was worried it might be infected; with the second one, I thought I might have dry socket), they gave me an appointment the same or next day to have it checked out - for free! In the end, nothing was wrong with either, but this really helped my peace of mind.The receptionists are also super friendly.Overall, my experience was really great. If you need to get a wisdom tooth removed, I can highly recommend making an appointment with Samir.(For transparency: the receptionists asked me to write a review, but I do so gladly. The service really was excellent.)read more
Matthew Rahtz
Matthew R.
Lovely girls on reception.Pricing- won’t lie, if you are a nervous patient then sedation is very expensive and caused me a bit of stress but after I had my tooth extracted, honestly it was worth it. Dr Ailsa was absolutely fantastic and has helped a guy with a terrible fear of the dentist after a traumatic experience 6 years ago. Well worth it and all the staff were very accommodating 🙂read more
I had a serious fear of Dentists and avoided anything to do with teeth for years. I recently had a problem with a tooth and after a huge amount of anxiety, managed to google sedation dentists, I read all the reviews and finally contacted Tavistock Dental. Jo, my first contact on the phone took the time to ask about my fears, she listened, was understanding and reassured me that Dr Frances could help. Dr Frances is so calm and understanding in her approach. At both visits it felt like having a reasuring chat with a really compassionate friend and my concerns were listened to and totally respected. I was sedated and did not feel a thing. It feels like a huge weight of dread, anxiety and fear has been lifted, as I have found a dentist who understands irrational fears and does not inflict pain or judgement. I will go to Dr Frances for future issues with my teeth and I cannot recommend her enough. Thank you Dr Frances and more
Carolyn Pollard
Carolyn P.
I highly recommend Tavistock dental! The care and service is outstanding. Excellent reception team, Big thanks to Johana and Miriana, they are kind, passionate and friendly, doing every thing to satisfy you and makes you happy. Best reception team ever!Ms Kouki
Wiem S.
I was referred to this dental clinic by accident and my experience is fantastic! I also love the history about the location where the dental practice is now.The receptionists are very friendly and always call to confirm the appointment beforehand. I love the way they approach clients; passionate and caring. They show to people that they are truly enjoying what they are doing. It is very different from the ones at my previous dental practices who make me feel that I am only patients with whom they are not interested in building relationship.Apart from the excellent reception team, Adnan is a patient dentist who thorough with his treatment plan. I had a pretty bad root infection that had lasted months. Every appointment, it took him longer than expected to finish the job. The appointments were quite challenging, but the end result is brilliant. He did a great job!I am due back for another treatment in a few months. If you are still looking for a dentist, try this one first!read more
Jeff Hsu
Jeff H.
Fantastic. Felt some apprehension, nerves and shame about getting a root canal but the entire experience here was professional, kind and extremely thorough. Dr Adnan not only did a fantastic job but answered all my questions and took time to explain everything to me. I was self referred, found this place through Google and have absolutely no regrets. Though it was expensive, feel the price was justified by the quality of service and peace of mind it gave me. Thanks as well to the friendly reception team. Highly recommend, you couldn't do better if you need to get a root more
Victoria Clark
Victoria C.
I had such a great experience from the begging till end . I came in for an emergency as my wisdom tooth has been effected . The staff treated me so kindly (as I was a bit nervous) . Today I came to finally have that tooth removed . Dr Habib was literally so good and done everything so fast. I totally recommend everyone on this team !!!read more
Anna Kontsiotis
Anna K.
I joined this practice a year ago, after around 6 years of not seeing a dentist! I’m an extremely nervous patient due to a particularly bad experience as a child. It’s taken me 3 hygiene visits to remove the hard plaque from my teeth. Today I saw Aaron and I felt brave and comfortable enough to let him remove the very visible build up on my front two teeth. He was exceptionally patient with me, I could not have asked for any better. He explained everything he was doing, took the time to make sure I felt at ease and respected my wishes and listened to my fears. This man is a true credit to the dental profession and for the first time in years I have more confidence in my smile. I am actually looking forward to having my teeth polished by him the next more
Koko Brown
Koko B.
I found Tavistock Dental one day,searching for a dentist,wrote them an email with some inquiries,and they responded after few days.I’ve been neglecting my smile for over 10 years,due a terrible experience in the past.The staff is amazing,the service is amazing and all I can say is thank you so much for helping me retrieving my smile.I strongly suggest the sedation appointment if you are extremely nervous and afraid of the dentist.I had some good time from the very beginning and I’m still work in progress.i fiercely recommend to pay them a visit, for everyone like me that is scared of the dentist.5 superstars !!!.read more
massimiliano latte
massimiliano L.
I get extremely anxious when visiting the dentist for even the simplest of things so I had put off going for a couple of years. I’d been looking in to dentists that are used to working with nervous patients and found Tavistock dental online. Dr Frances is so lovely and understanding and didn’t brush off my anxieties like other dentists I’ve had who would just say “don’t be nervous!”. Luckily I only needed a cleaning and opted to have this under sedation. The experience was very positive and I have almost no recollection of the cleaning. I would definitely recommend Dr Frances to anyone who suffers with dental more
Emily 44
Emily 4.
I've walked past Tavistock Dental a few times but mistakenly thought they only offered specialist dental services that didn't include a general check up and clean. After a pretty crummy experience with another dental practice nearby, I decided to give Tavistock Dental a call to get a second opinion.Private dentistry is expensive, especially in central London. But compared with other practices, I think Tavistock Dental's fees are reasonable. Prices for commonly done procedures are listed on the website so there's no guess work involved. You've only got one set of adult teeth, so I'm willing to spend that extra bit if it means getting good dental care.The staff I've interacted with at Tavistock Dental have all been lovely and friendly. I think this positive staff attitude along with fee transparency makes visiting the dentist a much more pleasant experience, especially if you're nervous about any aspect of your visit. At no point was I pressured or frightened into committing myself to expensive dental procedures.My experience with hygienist Amanda and her assistant Kristina was great. Before any cleaning started, I was told what was going to happen and what to do if I needed a break/pause. After my cleaning, Amanda was happy to answer any questions I had and her recommendations to me moving more
Joyce Tang
Joyce T.
Excellent place. I loathe private medicine and dentistry, but if it’s necessary- this is the place. Very helpful and friendly people who put me at ease before during and after an extraction which I had been dreading.
Sybil Cokc
Sybil C.
It was the best dental experience I’ve ever had.I was a new and nervous patient referred to have a specialist treatment by Dr Adnan Chowdry. It was a great experience, and I felt comfortable. He explained well about the process during my treatment. I looked for a specialist for a long time who could save my tooth. I am happy to have had my issue fixed at Tavistock more
Kaoru Takemoto
Kaoru T.
I've avoided going to the dentist for years as I'm very anxious, but had to make an appointment for a root canal. Dr. Adnan was lovely and patient and explained clearly every step of the process. Everyone in the practice was amazing and friendly, including the receptionist (I forgot her name) who really calmed me down before the treatment. Like all dentists, it is a bit expensive, but totally worth it and I would definitely more
Mia Perry
Mia P.
There is in reality a massive difference between a dentist in the 70s and a dentist in 2022. However, within my mind there is no difference, and it’s this lack of difference that makes it very difficult for me to book a dental visit. My issue is not with the dental treatment; it’s with opening the front door of the dentist's reception.I needed treatment and began the slow process of thinking about booking an appointment, just as a leaflet appeared in my letter box explaining that Tavistock Dental provided a ‘nervous patient’ service.And so, I gave Tavistock Dental a call. As soon as I explained my nervousness, I was made to feel that this was normal, and okay. I experienced a great deal of attention and care, being told that I should see my visit as a spa day for my teeth. Which offered such a powerful image that it conflicted with and helped me to remove the image I had.I arrived, still nervous, but able to feel strong enough to open the door, and not let my small inner 7-year-old feel the need to run away.Of course, the reception of the practice is nothing like the waiting room of my childhood dentist, no frightening sound of the drill, no oak panels, no out of date magazines. Just very friendly staff wanting to make you feel okay. Taking the time to ask how I was, offering care.My experience of treatment was the same. I was told what was happening, what was going to happen and what I needed to do if I wanted to take a break. All this helped me to relax during the treatment, which helped me to breath slowly, which helped me to feel okay, which enabled me to feel empowered.Time was also spent in explaining what I could do between appointments to ensure that I supported my treatment.I left the dentist feeling positive. A weight had lifted.I have more appointments to come, but I am not going to lose sleep over them.The care and support that I was offered at Tavistock Dental has help me overcome a fear. They opened a door for me that I was struggling to open more
Gary Hawke
Gary H.
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We Never Judge You Or Your Teeth

What We Do For Nervous Patients

We understand how coming to the dentist and having treatment can be the scariest thing in the world for some people. But the good news is, we’re the most sympathetic clinic at understanding your fears and your anxieties.

You might have an image in your head of what dentistry is all about, but that is entirely different to what we do here.

We spent a long time making sure that when a patient comes here they have the calmest, most gentle, and most importantly, pain free experience possible.

The Process For Nervous Patients

The most important thing for you to know is we would never judge you. I have seen it all. No matter what state you think your mouth is in, I will have seen something far worse, trust me.

The first step would be to call and arrange a meeting with me. We can chat in a non-clinical environment, away from the dental chair.

We can talk about what you’re scared of, what you’re worried about, and what your concerns are, and I’ll talk to you about what I can do.

I use sedation, which is like feeling sleepy, cosy, and comfortable. With that technique we do your treatment and you’re unaware of it.

We Offer The Latest Technology

We have invested in the best modern technology, meaning, that when possible, we do as much work as we can during your sedation appointment.

As a result, we usually get you finished all in one day. Our patients are happy with only coming for one visit

The great thing about sedation dentistry is you’re competently unaware you are having treatment. You’re asleep.

We have such a friendly bunch of receptionists. Please give them a call, and they can direct you and talk you through any questions you might have.

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Frances Was Wonderful, Very Patient, I Don’t Remember The Treatment
Frances Was Wonderful, Very Patient, I Don’t Remember The Treatment
I’d Recommend Sedation Dentistry To Any Nervous Dental Patient
Its Pain Free And Its Hassle Free, I’d Recommend It, Its The Best
The Whole Experience Was Amazing, I Don’t Remember Anything

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