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dentistry for nervous patients in central london

With Dr Frances at Tavistock Dental And Dental Smiles London

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Nervous About Seeing A Dentist? Don’t Worry, We Are Here To Help!

Introducing Dentistry For Nervous Patients From Tavistock Dental And Dental Smiles London With Dr Frances.

Dr-Frances-BDSA trip to the dentist can cause anxiety for many people. If you feel nervous about any aspect of your visit to see us, be assured that the team here are trained to help make your visit as stress free as possible. Nervous patients are often labelled as having dental phobia. This is a valid condition and can be treated with a slightly modified approach to the provision of dental care.

Many of these people are so fearful about coming in that the health of their mouth suffers as a result.  People who avoid the dentist are more likely to have problems with their gums and be more prone to infection and gum disease.

It is important to see a dentist regularly so that if issues with your mouth do arise they can be treated swiftly and can prevent the damage done to your smile becoming irreversible.  The good news is that with advances in dentistry there is now no need for you to be in pain whilst at the dentist!

We created the Dentistry For Nervous Patients website specifically for people who are fearful of seeing a dentist. Dr Frances has been working with nervous patients for over 15 years. She designs treatment programs specifically for anxious dental patients. She has devoted a large part of her dental career to the study and understanding of Dental Anxiety, adopting new approaches to dealing with your issues and concerns.

Dr Frances works out of two, central London dental practices – Tavistock Dental and Dental Smiles London.

You can meet her at either practice, whichever is more convenient for you.

We Never Judge You Or Your Teeth

Don’t take our word for it, see what our patients say about us…

Completely thrilled! Huge thank you to you all. I haven't successfully manged a visit even to a dental surgery in the last 12 years without passing out in the chair. I have had a steady stream of dentists claiming to be excellent with 'anxious' patients only to give up when confronted with extreme phobia and anxiety. As a result I ended up with incredible mouth pain and teeth I was not proud of, all with an ever growing terror and fear of the dentist. Amazingly cheery Nikki on reception paves the way (no matter how many times you call saying you don't think you can do this and you've changed your mind...!), and the nurses are incredible - caring and hugely supportive and calming. Thank you Daniela and all of the nurses for your amazing patience and support.Francis takes the time to deal with you in a very genuine way and makes you feel completely at ease. If you stumble, as I did on all of my visits, she allows you to take the time you need and makes you feel valued and safe. At no point did I feel under pressure or that I was not being listened to - even if I was being totally irrational! She is amazing.I have just successfully had all new fillings, 2 root canals, crowns and cosmetic work and feel totally empowered and incredibly grateful to the amazing team at Tavistock Dental. I cannot thank you all enough. Even managed a visit today without any sedation. I am a true phobic patient, no I'm not just scared - I'm terrified! Not anymore... I still feel anxious but now I know I can do it with their support and can testify to the brilliance of their entire team - Thank you, THANK YOU! Mareeread more
Maree Ballantine
Maree B.
Stress free dentist!! No pain treatment... i was so nervous but after speaking to nikki over the phone she really made me feel confident in booking my appointment they really Work hard to make u feel comfortable
I received great care at the Tavistock Dental practice - I had sedation as was having two wisdom teeth out and an almighty clean i've always hated the dentist. Painless (well apart from the cost!) experience. The receptionist is an absolute star - very patient, encouraging and caring - as was the dentist. I have no memory of the "surgery" and experienced not pain. I would highly recommend sedation for any nervous more
Louise Day
Louise D.
I was very anxious about visiting the dentist and had neglected one particular tooth - the more I worried about it the more I put off doing anything about it! Then when I got quite bad toothache I knew something had to be done and searched for dentists who treated nervous dental patients. I found Tavistock Dental. It was a good decision. They were fantastic. I had the tooth removed under sedation and am planning more treatment now with the confidence I can have it done without the anxiety I usually feel. Nikki, Frances and Arjinder were all really kind, thoughtful, professional, and clear in their explanations. I found the sedation really helpful - although I was conscious throughout (because I vaguely remember following instructions) - I felt nothing and remember very little. It seemed to be over very quickly. It was a revelation and I feel confident now going back for more more
Louise Irvine
Louise I.
Excellent service.After not visiting a dentist for over ten years, I called very nervously to enquire. Nikki on reception couldn’t have been more kind and welcoming to me and I was offered an appointment very quickly. Nikki took great effort to find out what my needs were.The surgery itself is very calm with a nice atmosphere. I was made to feel greatly at ease and very comfortable.Dr Patel was extremely empathetic and took time to listen to my concerns. He was very friendly and undertook the examination with great care making it a positive experience.I look forward to continuing my dental care at this more
Graeme Jones
Graeme J.
They're all really lovely and good at their jobs. I was incredibly nervous about going to the dentist. So much so that my anxiety caused me to tear up while even booking the appointment on the phone. Nikki was SO KIND and patient and comforting. She explained the procedures to me and all my options so I could find the right fit for me (something not too invasive and reassuring me we could stop/take breaks if I needed to). When I got there, everyone in the waiting room maintained social distancing and they gave you hand sanitiser. It's clear they're taking COVID precautions seriously. Maya was my hygienist. She was so nice to me and very gentle with my teeth. She went as slow as I needed and kept checking in with me to see if I needed to pause. Its not as awful as I'd worked it up to be. I think we all knew that was the case, so it was really just a matter of keeping me calm. I was low-key afraid of everyone judging me (I hadn't been to the dentist in like 4 years). I was high key afraid of something being wrong with my teeth (because I hadn't been in so long). And all those fears totally disappeared. I felt super safe, non-judged at all and omg-do my teeth feel SO much better. Seriously, you don't want to put off maintaining your dental health. They're all really professional and you'll be in safe more
Rachel Sampley
Rachel S.
I called Tavistock dental on a Saturday, with severe ongoing tooth ache that I could no longer ignore and was in a dentist’s chair on Monday morning first thing. To cut a very long story short, I needed a lot of work and after a few appointments a dental plan was created for me, including sedation. I simply couldn’t consider the treatment plan without the option of sedation, my fear of the dentist was too overwhelming. The amazing Nikki was on speed dial whenever I had a question. Despite the many reassuring calls and emails, I was still fearful and nervous on the day of the procedure. Everyone was so calm and kind when I arrived, and a very, very small scratch on the back of my hand later, I was away with the clouds. If you have never had sedation before, it is so hard to get your head around the idea that you will not feel or remember a single thing. It sounds too good to be true and I was definitely sceptical... Well, it is too good (it’s amazing) and it is TRUE. I don’t remember a single thing of the entire procedure and though I was “conscious” I have no memory what so ever, felt no pain, heard no sounds.The team followed up after my procedure to see how was I was doing and was able to prescribe me emergency antibiotics within an hour (midst lockdown, pretty incredible really!).I remember reading reviews before making the dreaded phone call to Tavistock, only half convinced they did what they said they do. I am so happy to be writing a review myself - they do everything they say, and so much more. It’s a real comprehensive service with the kindest, most patient and understanding medical professionals. I feel extremely lucky to have been taken into their care, it was worth every penny. So, thank you! And see you in 6 months 🙂 (never, ever thought I would say this!)read more
I was referred to Tavistock when I was recommended Implant treatment, I was very nervous at first, but they took their time to explain everything including the procedures, the options available to me and any possible alternatives if I changed my mind. Nikki went through all the procedures and finance options. She was so understanding about my concerns and we agreed a plan that I could afford and pay back with no worries, her patience with me was very reassuring and I felt really informed and at ease. Arjinder and his assistant are so professional, they know exactly what they are doing and I had a very good recovery from the dental surgery. I feel very grateful I was able to get my treatment here.The implant is great, I am so glad I opted for it, feels like I've had it the whole time like a regular tooth.I would recommend anyone visiting Tavistock for such dental treatments, the staff are very friendly, very reassuring when it came to my anxiety around my teeth and they made great effort to take care of me and make sure I received good more
m yaqoob
m Y.
Everybody I met at the practice was so welcoming and friendly from before I had even entered. All of the staff were so inviting and put me at ease, and the treatments I received were fantastic. Would highly recommend!
Maya Eddison
Maya E.
Absolutely brilliant experience from start to finish. Nikki at reception is super lovely, and told me everything I needed to know so I felt a lot calmer. Frances - the dentist especially for nervous patients like me - is so wonderful. She makes you feel completely at ease and the whole process was so much smoother than I ever could have hoped. I would 100% recommend this to anyone who is nervous or embarrassed to go to the more
Kate Coulson
Kate C.
The staff were friendly and helpful. The sedation worked really well and I didn't feel any discomfort at all. The clinic is clean and well run. Highly recommended.
Ewa Pearce
Ewa P.
Probably the best experience I've had at a dentist. I felt completely safe, Nikki was especially welcoming and reassuring, the sedation was very efficiently done and all I recall is vaguely having it started, and then recovering in the chair some time later. I was a bit groggy for the evening and slept when I got home, and felt fine the next more
James B
James B
5 star Service with friendly staff. I felt very safe and comfortable with all the ADDED and EXTRA precautionary measures (remember they were normal dentists before) but even with the extra kit and space suits they have to wear still delivered a great service. My teeth and gums were put back on the straight and narrow by Maya the teeth genie and big thank you to Nikki @ Tavistock Dentalread more
Gabino stergides
Gabino S.
Super friendly dental surgery - both reception and the dentists! I was sceptical at first as it is very expensive but I think it’s worth it as they are great at what they do and make you feel really comfortable which I find most dentists don’t. Had my first root canal and in absolutely no pain plus felt very safe there as they are very respectful of the covid guidelines!read more
Amy Mcgowan
Amy M.
Even during this horrible covid time, the team are doing a fantastic job, fixed my gums, cleaned my teeth properly and we have a plan to put things right. From the moment you walk upto the clinic until you are finished, the team are there to keep you relaxed, protected, safe and most importantly well looked after. there is no rushing, no pushy sales people, no condescending lectures, just 1 to 1 adult and friendly conversation and dialogue. Im so impressed. Wish i had found you more
Gabino stergides
Gabino S.
Even though in central London a lovely friendly local feel dental practice. Very organised with reminders of appointments and trying to fit you when most convenient. Having been to a few practices before and undergoing quite complex root canal, I can see the dentists are clearly experts in their field. The treatment approach is always pragmatic and risk based so you aren't spending unnecessary money on procedures not needed. I would highly recommended more
Anusua Biswas
Anusua B.
Such a calm, friendly and reassuring dental practice. I am so glad someone recommended them to me as I now have two fillings I was avoiding. The sedation made all the difference for me.
Tasmin Waby
Tasmin W.
Have been coming to this practice for several years, always very satisfied. Have just had a bit of a tricky crown fitted by Dr Rahul, all went smoothly and painlessly, and very pleased with the colour match as well. The friendly reception team and dental nurses are all lovely too. Thank you!
John Wright
John W.
Cannot recommend this dentist enough. Had hygienist treatment yesterday and nearly walked past the door out of fear. After I plucked up the courage to actually enter, the reception staff were extremely friendly & pleasant. When I see the dentist, I cannot explain how much she put me at ease. All that worry for nothing, after an amazing extreme clean on my teeth, pain & worry free, I would definitely go back and recommend others do the same if you have a big fear of more
jane evans
jane E.
I can't believe how easy it went. I was so nervous all the way up to the door, but from Nikki at the front desk to Frances who sorted my filling I was made to feel so safe and in good hands that the whole experience made me feel amazing! If you're as terrified of dentists as I am, I swear Tavistock Dental will turn that around (the fact I'm looking forward to going back and keeping my teeth in check is a miracle!)read more
Bryony Wadsworth
Bryony W.
I visited Dr. Quinlivan recently and it was a lovely experience - she was very friendly, efficient and listened to my concerns. I will be definitely going back to her soon and would recommend this practice highly.
Maura Reidy
Maura R.
Went to the surgery today to have a consultation and to look at my teeth I saw frances she was lovely she sat me down listened to what I had to say and reassured me that it will be ok she made me feel at ease. When I walked in a dentist was there and he smiled warmly and that was a lovely welcome as I'm such a nervous person when it come to the dentist nikki the receptionist was also welcoming to and couldn't have had a better first time experienceread more
Lorriane Hutchinson
Lorriane H.
I came here because, after years of fearing and avoiding dentists, I was ashamed to let anyone look in my mouth and worried about what I might have to have done. Frances was lovely, as were the rest of the team, including Nikki and colleagues on reception - I felt like they really supported me in getting past my fear. I opted for sedation when I had my treatment and all I can say was that it was well worth it! I remember Frances asking me something about cats (?!) and next I was waking up and walking into reception to meet my dad - all done! I slept very well when I got home... Frances was also able to recommend a gentle orthodontist for my braces and they have been great. Six months on, I have today had an appointment with the calm and thoughtful hygienist, Maya, without sedation! 😅read more
Jenny B
Jenny B
Recently had a cracked tooth, on top of near 15 years of dental fear. Pain got bad enough that I had to find somewhere relatively urgently, and I came across Tavistock Dental. It was a Thursday morning, and I booked in for the following Monday. By Thursday lunch, the pain was so bad I could barely think let alone speak. The team said I could come in, and they'd help somehow if they could. We arrived that evening, five minutes before closing, and somehow, everybody who could be there to help was... by 6.25pm, I'd had two teeth removed in a 40min procedure, and I was given full sedation and remembered absolutely zero (as promised).From the receptionist through to the dental staff, they're all some of the genuinely nicest people I've ever met. They treat you like you're someone who matters, remembering small details about you, they make you feel welcome and familiar, they shoot straight with kindness, and recognise when perhaps things are making you uncomfortable etc. I need to go back for more work, but I've decided (upon their kind words that ultimately they hope people manage to work through their fears via the kind Tavistock people and eventually return to having a regular dentist one day) that I should seek a local dentist, and it's made me feel guilty and a little sad that maybe I wont see these lovely people again. Not a bad compliment!Obviously, there is a cost to getting the work done, and whilst mine was a fair outlay, I would do it all again, and I'd definitely go back if one day in the future I needed major work done that I didn't feel comfortable having done at a regular dentists. I was able to pay upfront, but they were very clear in offering help in me managing any potential payments as well. Ultimately, it was extremely worth it.From someone who legitimately lost sleep over the thought of a dentist, these heroes have made me feel positive about looking after myself, and that's the best thing I can say.That and they're legit the nicest people in the;dr - they're more
Sam Johnson
Sam J.
Exceptional service from the first point of contact which was with Nikki via phone call. Right away, I felt at ease & that they actually cared about my trauma with previous dentists. Nikki was very clear in her explanations of the procedure and booked me in for an initial consultation with Frances. Usually, I am very nervous from the get go when entering the chair. However, due to Frances kind and candid approach, I felt totally at ease. When appointment day came I was excited...wait.... excited?!?! For the dentist?! Yup. That's how good these guys are. Very quickly I was in the chair and in a dreamy sleep for the duration. The whole procedure & after care has been an absolute breeze. I hate practices that are too 'professional' & 'formal' - Tavistock have the right balance between informal and professional. Highly recommend! Thanks, Frances & Nikki. 🙂read more
Hannah Eastaff
Hannah E.
I cannot recommend this practice enough! I was able to get a last minute appointment quickly, the clinic ran on time, and Dr Chloe is highly efficient, professional and friendly, making sure all of your problems are addressed, you understand your after care and feel comfortable at all times. Thanks so much!read more
Louise Gallon
Louise G.
After years of avoiding the dentist due to a crushing phobia, it came to a point where I could avoid no longer. Having done my research I was drawn to the "non judgemental" statement on Tavistock's website. I registered and was called by Nikki from the practice. She was amazing, gave me lots of time to explain my fears and was very supportive and understanding. My first appointment was yesterday and I have a follow up appointment next week. Frances (dentist) was equally amazing. I can't remember anything of the treatment as I opted for sedation. Thumbs up to all the staff, from reception to nurses. Very supportive, understanding and caring. Believe me, if I can go, you can more
Gaynor Flanagan
Gaynor F.
Have now visited this practice twice and could not recommend it enough. The receptionists were very friendly and welcoming when I first arrived and my dentist Dr Elina did a fantastic job, first with my check up and then with my filling. She explained everything that needed to be done, and with the help of the nurse carried out the treatment efficiently and professionally. I can have no complaints. I usually don't enjoy going to the dentist, but when I next go I am comfortable knowing that I'm in safe hands! Thank you!read more
Andreas Constantinou
Andreas C.
Highly recommended dentist. So pleased the team were able to help my son within the hour to provide him with urgent care! They work to a very high standard with a personal touch. Thought my nervous son would have been scared for life after having such quick treatment....but he can’t wait to return! Thanks all xxread more
Anthony King
Anthony K.
Have been looking for a good dental clinic since I moved to London and I’ve definitely found it! Everyone was so welcoming and friendly from Imelda the receptionist to the dream team, Chloe and Ana. Chloe was so professional and really put me at ease, would highly recommend requesting her when making an appointment. Chloe thoroughly answered all my questions about my x-rays and images taken and I can really notice the difference in the whiteness of my teeth after the polish. Will definitely be booking with you guys again for my next check up. Thanks!read more
Lauren Oliver
Lauren O.
I joined this dental practice this year after having a bad experience at my previous one. It feels good to have my teeth back on track!All staff members are wonderful, incredibly friendly and knowledgeable and I know I am in good hands. Alina is my dentist and she is brilliant and meticulous. They are well organised and have seamless communication with other practices they may refer you to [I was referred to Tavistock Dental] for specialised procedures and give you all the information you need to make an informed decision about what you want to do with your teeth. I have had the crown procedure done in one day and it's done within a 3 hour appointment. The procedures I have had done have all been executed wonderfully and I couldn't be more
Li W
Li W
Went to Chalton Street today to see Dr Chloe. Had really wonderful experience. After having not been to a dentist for 8 years (!) Dr Chloe and the team made me feel really welcome and comfortable. The check-up was super quick and I left wishing i had been much earlier. Thanks so much to Dr Chloe and the team! Would highly recommend to anyone nervous about returning to the dentist. Don't wait as long as I did!read more
Sylvia Pyatt
Sylvia P.
I have attended this dentist for a few years and am always recommending them to friends! Always very friendly and professional, and love the themed rooms!
Hannah Davies
Hannah D.
After a sleepless night worrying about getting my filling replaced, i arrived at my appointment. When I was called, I was taken into the room and it was fully explained to me what was going to happen. I can honestly say i had absolutely nothing to worry about. It did not hurt at all. As always the service here is very friendly (everyone says hello) and more
Tricia A
Tricia A
I can't commend this Dental practice enough I am the most nervous person when it comes to dentist but I will never be scared again Dr Akhil Patel was out of this world at removing my nerves he was amazing and I didn't even have any teeth out on my first visit he was calm clinical and very very re-assuring to the point that on my next visit I am having teeth out and I'm no longer worried, I live in Fareham in Hampshire and I travelled all this way so I could go to this one dental practice and I would never change, what I heard about this practice is totally true it is in my view one of the very best in London and I would recommend them to anyone the dental nurses are also very experienced in their part, also this is the only dental practice where you have the dental practitions receptionist ensemble singing to you as you wait in the waiting room for your treatment it doesn't seem like a dental practice because they are so jolly before you go in and that helps immensely keep up the good work people. Robert doel.Just re-capThe day came to have three teeth removed, I felt a little nervous but that was expected but I had no need to worry it went with a breeze now I have my new look, and the teeth I can make a smile with without feeling stupid for not looking after them in the first place thanks to the steff on entry to the nurses but most of all a big thank you to akhil for doing a great job, p,s I travelled all the way from fareham in Hampshire just to come to this practice and it was well worth the effort a d this practice I will stay.God bless you all ROBread more
Robert Doel
Robert D.
I had to visit the dentist today for a new filling as the old one was cracked.First the receptionists are always very friendly and welcoming you to the surgery.The treatment was very professional , the dentist being reassuring all the time and telling me what was happening.Even with an injection and some drilling I left a happy patient.I always recommend this surgery especially to anyone more
D /
D /
I’ve been using this dentist for a few of years now and they are great. The reception staff are really friendly and will always do their best to fit you in. I’ve seen a couple of the dentists there and they have always been thorough and discussed my treatment plan well so I understand and can make informed more
Had a great experience at this practice, it was my first time there and the staff where very friendly. Dr Chloe and Deb gave a great service and where very patient with my daughter. I would definitely recommend this practice to everyone and I’m so glad I came here.
Fatima Gulied
Fatima G.
Very friendly staff and welcoming environment. To me a dentist appointment it usually means pain but it was not the case with Dental Smile in Chalton Street. I'm really happy with everything. Best NHS appointment I've ever had. I'd recommend everyone
Daniele Della Cioppa
Daniele Della C.

Introducing Sedation Dentistry In Central London

Meet Your Sedation Dentist, Frances

My name is Frances. I’m the sedation dentist here. I’ve been looking after nervous patients for about 15 years now.

I’m also a mother to two gorgeous children with a very naughty dog as well.

I trained at Newcastle University many years ago and since then, I’ve really honed in on looking after nervous patients and I have perfected my techniques to make people feel safe and secure in the dental chair.

What We Do For Nervous Patients

We understand how coming to the dentist and having treatment can be the scariest thing in the world for some people. But the good news is, we’re the most sympathetic clinic at understanding your fears and your anxieties.

You might have an image in your head of what dentistry is all about, but that is entirely different to what we do here.

We spent a long time making sure that when a patient comes here they have the calmest, most gentle, and most importantly, pain free experience possible.

The Process For Nervous Patients

The most important thing for you to know is we would never judge you. I have seen it all. No matter what state you think your mouth is in, I will have seen something far worse, trust me.

The first step would be to call and arrange a meeting with me. We can chat in a non-clinical environment, away from the dental chair.

We can talk about what you’re scared of, what you’re worried about, and what your concerns are, and I’ll talk to you about what I can do.

I use sedation, which is like feeling sleepy, cosy, and comfortable. With that technique we do your treatment and you’re unaware of it.

We Offer The Latest Technology

We have invested in the best modern technology, meaning, that when possible, we do as much work as we can during your sedation appointment.

As a result, we usually get you finished all in one day. Our patients are happy with only coming for one visit

The great thing about sedation dentistry is you’re competently unaware you are having treatment. You’re asleep.

We have such a friendly bunch of receptionists. Please give them a call, and they can direct you and talk you through any questions you might have.

Sign Up For A Complimentary Consultation With Sedation Dentist Dr Frances

Contact Dentistry For Nervous Patients Today: Call 0207 837 5638 or Email

Are you nervous about seeing the dentist, but concerned about your teeth? The good news is Dr Frances can help you.

For a complimentary consultation with Dr Frances Call 0207 837 5638, WhatsApp Email or pop your details into the form.

Your appointment will be calm, relaxed, and stress free. You don’t need to sit in the dentist chair, you can simply talk to Frances, discuss your fears and concerns and she will tell you how she can help.


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