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Dentistry For Nervous Patients In Central London

With Dr Frances At Tavistock Dental, London
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Nervous About Seeing A Dentist? Don’t Worry, We Are Here To Help!

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We created the Dentistry For Nervous Patients website specifically for people who are fearful of seeing a dentist. Dr Frances has been working with nervous patients for over 15 years. She designs treatment programs specifically for anxious dental patients. She has devoted a large part of her dental career to the study and understanding of Dental Anxiety, adopting new approaches to dealing with your issues and concerns.
“I Have Experienced No Pain During Treatment”
I struggled to find a practice with which I was satisfied for several years but Tavistock Dental (Now Dental Smiles London) has proved very satisfactory. The dentist and hygienists I have seen have been friendly and competent and I have experienced no pain during treatment. I would recommend the practice wholeheartedly. S.K

Introducing Dentistry For Nervous Patients From Tavistock Dental And Dental Smiles London With Dr Frances.

A trip to the dentist can cause anxiety for many people. If you feel nervous about any aspect of your visit to see us, be assured that the team here are trained to help make your visit as stress free as possible. Nervous patients are often labelled as having dental phobia. This is a valid condition and can be treated with a slightly modified approach to the provision of dental care.

Many of these people are so fearful about coming in that the health of their mouth suffers as a result. People who avoid the dentist are more likely to have problems with their gums and be more prone to infection and gum disease.

It is important to see a dentist regularly so that if issues with your mouth do arise they can be treated swiftly and can prevent the damage done to your smile becoming irreversible.

The good news is that with advances in dentistry there is now no need for you to be in pain whilst at the dentist!

Don’t Take Our Word For It, See What Our Patients Say About Us…

If you’re a nervous patient then I highly recommend coming to Tavistock Dental. I was really nervous when I first came to see Dr Frances but Rosa from reception was really encouraging and Dr Frances listened to me and understood what I needed to feel more comfortable. The best thing is that I didn’t feel judged for being anxious and this actually made it easier to relax. Even when I can’t string a sentence together because I’m anxious I didn’t feel judged for that. If all dentists were like Dr Frances then I don’t think I would’ve been scared in the first place. Knowing that I can come here for my appointments now has and will make such a difference for more
Gemma V
Gemma V
Receptionists were awesome and extremely helpful.The dentist knew his stuff, was friendly and made it a pleasant experience end-to-end.Not from the UK originally so if you’re looking for a new dentist, I would highly recommend!
nick webber
nick W.
After being incredibly nervous to go to the dentist, Tavistock Dental set me immediately at ease. The receptionists were warm, helpful and generous with regards to my situation and my initial appointment assuaged my fears and nervousness. If you are someone who is nervous to go to the dentist I highly recommend this practice!read more
Cia FitzGerald
Cia F.
Was referred for a root canal. The staff was super friendly and made me feel at ease right away. The dentist Dr Chowdry was really skilled and took the time to explain everything to me. 10/10 all round.
Nasim Choudhury
Nasim C.
Fantastic Hygienist Appointment at Tavistock DentalI recently had the pleasure of visiting Tavistock Dental for a hygiene appointment, and I must say, it was an exceptional experience from start to finish. From the moment I walked in, I was greeted warmly by the reception staff, who made me feel welcome and comfortable.The hygienist, whose name unfortunately escapes me now, was not only highly skilled but also incredibly friendly and attentive. She took the time to listen to my concerns and thoroughly explain the cleaning process, putting me at ease every step of the way. Her gentle touch and meticulous attention to detail ensured that my teeth received the best possible care.The facility itself was clean, modern, and equipped with state-of-the-art technology, further instilling confidence in the quality of service provided. Additionally, I appreciated the emphasis placed on patient education, as the hygienist offered valuable tips and advice for maintaining optimal oral health between visits.Overall, my experience at Tavistock Dental was nothing short of excellent. From the friendly staff to the skilled hygienist and top-notch facilities, I left feeling confident in my dental health and eager to return for future appointments. I highly recommend Tavistock Dental to anyone in search of superior dental care in a welcoming and professional more
Ciko De Roma
Ciko De R.
My phobia of the dentist has put me off from seeing them for about 7/8 years. My phobia is so extreme that I cannot even enter a dental office without crying my eyes out. but after extensive researc, I found Tavistock dental. I contancted them for a call back and the wonderful ( full emphasis on wonderful) Jo spoke to me. She explained my options and I came in for a check up. Immediately they reassured me that I was in safe hands. DR Frances did the check up and let me know I needed 5 fullings and immediately the panic set in. she explained the levels of sedation that I could choose and I picked the IV. Yesterday i had my treatment appointment. The receptionists were so amazing at distracting me. When it was my time for the treatment, Dr Frances inserted the IV and within seconds I felt amazing. My appointment lasted around 2.5 hours and I genuinely remember nothing!!I cannot recommend Tavistock dental enough- coming from someone who would rather lose all their teeth than visit the dentist, i really believe i've found the perfect office where all the staff genuinely listen to your concerns!Thank you so much!read more
Got a question or want to chat?
We Never Judge You Or Your Teeth

What We Do For Nervous Patients

We understand how coming to the dentist and having treatment can be the scariest thing in the world for some people. But the good news is, we’re the most sympathetic clinic at understanding your fears and your anxieties.

You might have an image in your head of what dentistry is all about, but that is entirely different to what we do here.

We spent a long time making sure that when a patient comes here they have the calmest, most gentle, and most importantly, pain free experience possible.

The Process For Nervous Patients

The most important thing for you to know is we would never judge you. I have seen it all. No matter what state you think your mouth is in, I will have seen something far worse, trust me.

The first step would be to call and arrange a meeting with me. We can chat in a non-clinical environment, away from the dental chair.

We can talk about what you’re scared of, what you’re worried about, and what your concerns are, and I’ll talk to you about what I can do.

I use sedation, which is like feeling sleepy, cosy, and comfortable. With that technique we do your treatment and you’re unaware of it.

We Offer The Latest Technology

We have invested in the best modern technology, meaning, that when possible, we do as much work as we can during your sedation appointment.

As a result, we usually get you finished all in one day. Our patients are happy with only coming for one visit

The great thing about sedation dentistry is you’re competently unaware you are having treatment. You’re asleep.

We have such a friendly bunch of receptionists. Please give them a call, and they can direct you and talk you through any questions you might have.

Frances Was Wonderful, Very Patient, I Don’t Remember The Treatment
Frances Was Wonderful, Very Patient, I Don’t Remember The Treatment
I’d Recommend Sedation Dentistry To Any Nervous Dental Patient
Its Pain Free And Its Hassle Free, I’d Recommend It, Its The Best
The Whole Experience Was Amazing, I Don’t Remember Anything

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Are you nervous about seeing the dentist, but concerned about your teeth? The good news is Dr Frances and her team are here to help you.

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Your appointment will be calm, relaxed, and stress free. You don’t need to sit in the dentist chair, you can simply talk to your Smile Guide, discuss your fears and concerns and she will tell you how she can help.

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